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Cold & Flu Symptoms

Cold & Flu Symptoms


Study shows Wellmune® reduces duration of cold/flu symptoms for highly stressed adults.

Study: Medical Students

Lifestyle stress has been shown to suppress the immune system, putting otherwise healthy individuals at risk—especially during cold-and-flu season. In this study, Wellmune demonstrated a strong trend towards reducing the duration of upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) symptoms for medical students.

Study Protocol

Study Site University of Southampton School of Medicine, UK
Population 97 fourth-year medical school students
Age 18-65 (average 21 years)
Design Randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled, parallel arm study
Duration 90 days

Participants were split into two groups, and consumed one of the following once daily:

  • 250mg Wellmune
  • placebo

Participants completed a daily health diary recording presence or absence of URTI symptoms. Two or more reported symptoms for two consecutive days triggered a medical assessment and cytokine analysis within 24 hours.

24 episodes of URTIs were medically confirmed; 12 in each group.


  • Participants taking Wellmune experienced a significant reduction in URTI symptoms.
  • Wellmune did not stimulate the immune system with inflammatory cytokines when subjects were not experiencing a URTI.

Participants taking Wellmune had an 18% reduction in the total days with URTI symptoms compared to placebo.


Prevamune™ contains the clinical strength of Wellmune® used in scientific studies.

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