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Exercise & Recovery

Exercise & Recovery


Study shows Wellmune® supports immune system recovery after strenuous exercise

Study: Exercise Stress

Wellmune helps enable both recreational and elite athletes to exercise longer and harder, supporting immune system function after high- intensity exercise.

Study Protocol

Study Site  Department of Health and Human Performance, University of Houston, USA
Population 60 recreational athletes (29 men, 31 women)
Age 22-38 (average 23 years)
Design Randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled, crossover study
Duration 10 days supplementation with Wellmune or placebo; seven-day wash out period; 10 days supplementation with Wellmune or placebo.

Participants were split into two groups, and consumed the following once daily for 10 days, in two separate instances:

  • 250mg Wellmune
  • placebo

After the 10 day supplementation period, participants rode an exercise bicycle for one hour in a heat-stress chamber.

Blood and saliva samples were collected on day zero, and immediately before and after the exercise session on day 10.


In this study, Wellmune prevented alterations in monocytes and key cytokines following high-intensity exercise—suggesting that participants’ immune systems better maintained normal function.

  • Maintained white blood cell levels: Wellmune prevented the drop in white blood cells that typically occurs following intense exercise.
  • Improved mucosal immunity: Two hours post-exercise, Wellmune improved salivary IgA recovery by 32% compared to the placebo. IgA, a protective protein, is associated with improved immune protection of the mucosa.
  • Enhanced immune responses to a simulated bacterial challenge: The Wellmune group had higher levels of key cytokines following lipopolysaccharide (LPS) stimulation suggesting the priming of leukocytes that mediate immune responses.


Prevamune™ contains the clinical strength of Wellmune® used in scientific studies.

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