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Upper Respiratory Support

Upper Respiratory Support


Study shows Wellmune® reduces upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) symptoms among marathoners.

Study: Texas Marathon

This study confirmed previous clinical research showing that Wellmune supports the immune system of athletes. In this case, Wellmune showed health benefits for runners who had completed a marathon, for whom post-race URTIs are common.

Study Protocol

Study Site Department of Health and Human Performance, University of Houston, USA
Population 182 runners (96 men, 86 women) who completed the 2011 LiveStrong Marathon in Austin, Texas with an average finish time of 4 hours.
Age 29-46 (average 34 years)
Design Randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled, parallel arm study
Duration Four weeks

Participants were split into three groups, and consumed one of the following once daily:

  • 250mg Wellmune soluble
  • 250mg Wellmune dispersible
  • placebo
Details Incidence of URTI symptoms was assessed using the clinically-validated WURSS-44 survey.


  • Wellmune supplementation significantly reduced the number of days that subjects reported both general health problems as well as cold/flu symptoms.

Participants taking Wellmune had 40% reduction in URTI symptoms.

Additional Information

Based on previous studies by the University of Houston, it is reasonable to speculate that the improvements associated with Wellmune were due to alterations in monocytes, plasma cytokines and improved mucosal immunity.


Prevamune™ contains the clinical strength of Wellmune® used in scientific studies.

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